Innovations and Improvements

With every nomination, I always tell my supporters that I hope to continue to run until I'm out of new ideas.  So far, the well of ideas has not run dry, and through technology, common sense and networking I've made the voting and election administration experience in Greenwich the envy of CT.

As the first-ever state-certified Registrar of Voters in Greenwich, I take continuing education seriously.  I'm always on the lookout for the next incremental improvement to make the experience more fun and engaging for our citizens.

I'm also very interested in what will attract young people.  Which is why I appointed and trained the Greenwich's first and CT's youngest certified Deputy Registrar of Voters in CT history.  

Some of the other innovations I've brought to the office (in chronological order):

  • Deployed test of electronic voting at 2007 RTM meeting (pre-Registrar).  Reintroduced concept to RTM in 2018.
  • Redesigned all polling-place signage to reduce setup-time and better direct voters (2009)
  • Began electronic distribution of election results via email (2010).  Grew database of emails from 0 to 800 users.
  • Established wait-time studies to make certain Greenwich voters have an excellent experience on election day. (2013)
  • Implemented a problem-free Election Day Registration process. (2013)
  • Built voter-lookup tools including polling place and voter registration lookup (2012), and party lookup (2014) to create 24/7 access to this data.  *Adding absentee ballot status tracker for 2019*
  • Deployed electronic poll-books to provide real-time data on voter participation at each election. (2013)
  • Created Poll Worker Appreciation Day to thank our dedicated poll workers (2015)
  • Implemented annual surveys of poll workers to determine areas for improvement (2015)
  • Led ROV department to 2016-17 "Team of the Year" in Greenwich municipal government. (2016)
  • Established a regular process of recruiting high school poll workers through AP and Honors Civics classes.
  • Received Democracy Cup for Highest Voter Turnout (2016)
  • Created on-line data visualizations of voter demographic data (age / gender / party) (2017)
  • Sent 10 cases to the State Elections Enforcement Commission - current batting average of .667 (as of 2018)
  • Provided mobile-phone-based voter lookup tools for poll workers to save paper on election day (2018)
  • Re-wrote Registrar of Voters Website to include forms for voter removal, how to have a voter registration drive, and how to become a poll worker (2018)
  • Published all training materials online to provide transparency for special interests, and convenience for poll workers. (2018)
  • Created a video on how to vote using a special voting machine which can assist some disabled voters.  Produced full closed-captioning to enhance accessibliity. (2018)
  • Created the Town of Greenwich Turnout Trophy to spur competition between districts to get more people to vote. (2019)
  • Investigated absentee ballots returned late to the Town Clerk, and issued press releases educating voters about the due dates, encouraging people to mail earlier. (2019)
  • Created a relationship with TurboVote to automatically send reminders to voters 30 days before every election (voters opt-in to use the service).



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