I've said before that "No one works harder to make certain that Greenwich voters have an excellent voting experience."

As a candidate for Town Clerk, I hope to expand that mission.  So many people touch the Town Clerk's Office every day, from births to marriages to deaths.  From dog licenses to land records.  And also the ever expanding world of absentee ballots.

Last year, I put together training sessions to educate seniors on absentee ballots on Zoom.  I also sent out thousands of texts linking people to a video and best practices when returning their ballot.  Educational efforts like this brought the previous error rate of 2% of ballots rejected down to only .5%

You Tube Video on Completing an Absentee Ballot

As Town Clerk, I want to expand that work, to provide better, more proactive ballot tracking.  As part of my coursework earning a Certificate in Elections Administration, I have a set of best practices which can make the process more secure and an increase in confidence with mailed-in ballots.  I've already met with non-profits like BallotScout to understand their products, and I've provided recommendations to our legislators on what we need to do to increase confidence in that process.


Here are a few other results-oriented actions I've taken as Registrar in order to save taxpayer money, and keep voters safe.

The barber shops were still closed due to COVID, but I was in Southington CT picking up gloves and masks for poll workers.

You can tell from my hair that the  barber shops were still closed due to COVID, but I was in Southington CT picking up gloves and masks for poll workers.  There were limited supplies and this was one of the few places which would take a Purchase Order instead of cash or credit card.


After tropical storm Isaias, with power out throughout town, I conducted video training sessions from my car on borrowed wifi.  I produced YouTube Videos so that poll workers could get the training the needed even if they couldn't attend live.  With each new challenge, there's been a new opportunity to get creative and get things done.  All available materials are posted on the web.


When other towns were throwing out their privacy booths in favor of newer, compact models, I was driving to Bethlehem and Vernon to pickup their discards.  Now, those 20 extra booths mean more than just $4000 in savings, they mean better social distancing and safer voting.